How Will You Leave Your Legacy?

Consider making a Planned Gift to Mountain Parks Foundation to ensure the continued support of the interpretive education, preservation, and conservation programs at Henry Cowell and Big Basin Redwoods State Parks for future generations. 


For more information about how to make a Planned Gift, please contact Brenda Holmes at 831-335-3174 or  

Planned Giving: An Overview

What is a Planned Gift?

A Planned Gift is a major gift, made in a lifetime or at death, as part of your overall financial or estate planning. Planned Gifts provide a way for philanthropic donors to support Mountain Parks Foundation, enabling individuals to make larger gifts than they could make from their income. 

Types of Planned Gifts:

Bequest by Will: The Simplest Planned Gift

Including a charitable bequest in your will is a simple way to make a lasting gift to your community. When you make this gift to Mountain Parks Foundation (MPF), a special fund is established that benefits Big Basin and Henry Cowell Redwoods State Parks and becomes your personal legacy of giving. Designating a gift or portion of your estate to MPF may result in a substantial reduction in federal gift and estate taxes.

Charitable Gift Annuity: Income for Today, a Gift for Tomorrow

Giving through a charitable gift annuity allows you to arrange a generous gift to benefit Big Basin and Henry Cowell Redwoods State Parks while providing yourself an income source you can count on for the rest of your life. You can make a gift of cash or property to MPF now, get immediate tax benefits, and ensure that you (or a loved one you designate) receive fixed quarterly or annual income payments for life.

Charitable Remainder Trust: Generate Income and a Charitable Gift with Flexibility

Giving through a charitable remainder trust allows you to receive income for the rest of your life, knowing that whatever remains will benefit our parks. You can place cash or property in a trust that pays annual income to you (or another named beneficiary) for life. After your death, the remainder of the trust transfers to MPF, and is placed in a permanently endowed charitable fund to benefit Big Basin and Henry Cowell Redwoods State Parks. You receive income tax benefits the year you establish your trust.

Charitable Lead Trust: Income for Your Charity Now, Benefit Your Heirs Later

A charitable lead trust helps you build a charitable fund with MPF to support Big Basin and Henry Cowell Redwoods State Parks during the trust’s term. When the trust terminates, the remaining assets are transferred to you or your heirs, often with significant transfer-tax savings. You can place cash or property in a trust that pays a fixed amount to MPF for the number of years you select. Once this period ends, the assets held by the trust are transferred to the beneficiaries you name.

Mountain Parks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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